low cholesterol diet foods choices

Having high cholesterol levels puts you at risk of getting heart attacks, a top cause of death in USA. Even if taking certain medicines might assist reduce your LDL and also total (serum) cholesterol levels, making diet modifications might assist you to lower your LDL cholesterol ranges with no need for high priced medications.

What are the normal blood cholesterol levels?

Before starting planning your low cholesterol diet, you need to know the healthy levels of cholesterol for men and also women. For men, suggested ranges for LDL cholesterol drop below 100 mg/dL and also anything over 159 mg/dL is regarded as high. As for HDL, it really should be above 60 mg/dL while a level below 40 mg/dL is regarded as unhealthy. Total cholesterol or serum cholesterol must be below 200 mg/dL in addition to anything higher than 240 mg/dL is considered high. Men who have experienced strokes, or coronary artery illness have to have LDL levels below 70 mg/dL. The recommended HDL level is elevated in women than men. They have to keep their overall cholesterol level much less than 200 mg/dL and also LDL less than 100 mg/dL. The preferred HDL cholesterol level is greater than 50 mg/dL. Moreover ranges higher than 60 mg/dL are considered protecting to prevent heart attacks.

Sources: Cholesterol Levels Chart – Total, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides

Cholesterol Chart – Total, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides

Eat more fiber

low cholesterol diet foods choicesMany years of study has proven that diet programs lower in unhealthy fat and also too much calories while eating more dietary fiber might minimize the cholesterol levels inside your blood. Soluble fiber is seen in plant-based meals for example fresh fruits, veg as well as whole grains.  It is essential in regulating digestion along with stopping constipation. The AHA (American Heart Association) indicates women and men eat 14 g of dietary fiber for each 1,000 calories eaten. Additionally to consuming a diversity of fruit as well as veg, you may well grow dietary fiber intake by consuming a serving of fiber-packed cereal for breakfast every single early morning. “All Bran” and “Raisin Bran” from Kellogg’s as well as Fiber One of General Mills include the very best quantities of soluble fiber for each serving size as well as are useful in reducing cholesterol when taken as component of the low-fat diet plan.

Opt for lower cholesterol meats

– Poultry

You can eat poultry in a low cholesterol diet plan as they have approximately 70-80 mg of cholesterol per 3 oz. serving. However, it is recommended to cooked it skinless, baked, boiled or grilled.

– Beef

You may believe beef is totally out from the query whenever you need to adhere to a low-cholesterol diet plan, but you will find an amount of cuts that may well match your food strategy. Low-cholesterol beef choices include Beef eye of round with 58 mg of cholesterol for a 3.5 oz. raw serving size, Beef top loin with 40 mg of cholesterol in identical serving size.

– Pork

Like pork and want to lower cholesterol, pork tenderloin is as good a low-cholesterol option, with 48 mg cholesterol for a 3.5 oz. serving. You may well additionally appreciate boneless pork chops with 47 mg of cholesterol in identical serving portion.

Consume more fish

Some kinds of seafood have good results on cholesterol. Fatty fish, for instance trout or large mackerel, raises High-density lipoprotein ranges within the blood. HDL is called “good” cholesterol simply because higher ranges assist reduce your danger of coronary artery illness. Other fish, for example sardines as well as tuna fish, include advantageous omega-3 essential fatty acids that reduce levels of triglyceride within the blood also. As outlined by the AHA, adding seafood inside your eating plan might assist to avoid coronary heart illness.

Add plant sterols to your diet

Plant sterols as well as stanols consumption may be helpful in LDL cholesterol reduction for 6 to 14 per cent in only 16 weeks by preventing the assimilation of cholesterol by the body. You can obtain these plant sterols and stanols in meals like seeds, nuts, wheat, vegetable oils, Brussels sprouts and also meals fortified with sterols or stanols, that might consist of some vegetable oil spreads, mayonnaise, milks, yogurts, cereals and juices.

Keep away from trans-fats

Trans-fats are kind of liquid fat obtained by chemical transformation of vegetable oil through hydrogenation to become solid at ambient heat range. As reported by the AHA, they can badly increase LDL levels. Foods that are fried and also processed foods, for example cookies, French fries, crackers and doughnuts are commonly loaded with trans-fats. Make sure to always verify the nutrition details panel while shopping to determine if your food choices have trans-fat. Less than 2 g of trans-fat is recommended daily for a 2,000-calorie food plan.

Source: Trans fats – AHA

Limit saturated fats intake

Like trans-fats, saturated fats (fats solid at ambient heat range) can play a role in the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases as they can elevate LDL levels in the blood. Animal food items only get these fats. Some examples of foods loaded with saturated fats to limit consist of butter, fatty meats, cheese, pastries, 2-percent or whole-fat dairy products, and also poultry skin. As stated by the American Heart Association (AHA), even if the advisable DV for overall fat is 30-35 % of calories, consumption of saturated fats needs to be restricted to only 7-10 %.

Beer glasses

The answer is YES! And, the relationship between alcohol and cholesterol is actually positive. Studies show that alcohol in moderate amounts can help lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) often referred to as bad cholesterol, and increase high density lipoprotein (HDL) known as good cholesterol. Good cholesterol is required in the body for the production of certain hormones. It also works to improve the absorption of certain nutrients and to flush the bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease when levels are too high.

So, if your recent lipid profile test reveals that your cholesterol is high, one solution to lower it may be to drink alcohol, but in moderate amount of course.  For men, this amount is to one or two drinks a day, while a daily drink is enough for women. Consuming more than the recommended amount will have adverse effects. Therefore, an alcoholic – or anyone who consume high volumes of alcohol – will not be able to reduce cholesterol by using alcohol.

alcoholic beveragesAlcohol is usually loaded with high amounts of calories, which can cause triglyceride levels in the blood increase, even if alcohol is consumed in small amounts. Triglycerides are molecules containing until excess calories are required by the body for energy. High levels of triglycerides, when combined with high amounts of alcohol and cholesterol levels that are abnormally high, may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Exercise is proved as an effective way to help lower triglycerides and help reduce cholesterol levels back into balance. Therefore, moderate amounts of alcohol can be combined with exercise and a diet low in cholesterol will help raise good cholesterol. A low cholesterol diet involves reducing intake of saturated and trans fats, while increasing the intake of monounsaturated fats. It also involves consuming lots of high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Extra caution should be exercised when using alcohol as a way to balance cholesterol levels, because some studies show cholesterol lowering drugs and alcohol can interfere with each other. This interference can cause bad cholesterol levels rising further. Other problems that may arise as a result of alcohol use to lower cholesterol levels include heart disease and the risk of alcoholism. Taking into account the positive relationship between alcohol and cholesterol, we must also take into account risks associated with regular use of alcohol and try to find a balance between the two.

raw food diet

Detoxification is not something new—your body functions in such a way that it automatically gets rid of waste and toxins that build up; unfortunately however, the kind of food that we eat and the lifestyles that we lead alters the body’s natural mechanism to such an extent that the organs that once cleansed the body Read More →

Mercury - toxic heavy metal

Heavy metals are inorganic toxins with no known biological function, whose presence in certain amounts in the body can trigger dysfunctions and many health disorders. While the body can get rid of organic toxins such as alcohol and drugs by itself, it can not with heavy metals. Thus, they tend to bio-accumulate (a continuous process where small amounts of these toxins are “added” to the already existing in the body). In other words, although the body is usually exposed at low dose, because of the accumulation over the time, the levels become high enough to cause damages or diseases.

Why are they dangerous?

Talking about heavy metals, we are primarily referring to: Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Arsenic (As), Chromium (Cr), and Cobalt (Co). Although the body needs copper and cobalt, they are necessary in their organic form. The inorganic form is toxic. The toxicity of these metals adversely affect several basic physiological processes for health (such as enzyme activity or the absorption of essential minerals). Heavy metals also catalyze oxidation reactions (contributing to the production of free radicals) and even change the structure of proteins and antibodies of our immune system. The most dangerous heavy metals for all forms of life are mercury, cadmium and lead (a single cigarette contains the 3).

Once released into the environment, these substances can remain unchanged for hundreds of years because they are not chemically and biologically degradable. Because of the industrial age, when the extraction of heavy metals from the earth began, the planet’s surface is now saturated with these poisons. Consequently, our body is filled with them, as food, sea fish, cooking utensils, tap water, metal amalgams for cavities, cigarette and of course the air we breathe contain them at a lesser or greater extent.

The possible effects on our health are multiple: respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular problems, damages to the nervous system (being especially rich in lipids, it attracts most of the heavy metals), reproductive system and the gastrointestinal tract, hypertension as well as many types of cancer (lung, kidney, liver, bladder, skin cancer and more).
Even if we stop being exposed to heavy metals, the body alone will take decades to remove the already accumulated. So, we need to take action now and regularly implement a heavy metal detox according to thesupermandiet.com detox guide.

Foods that help remove heavy metals


Powerful antibiotic with also antiviral qualities, it also helps in removing heavy metals. Include it in your diet regularly to prevent these contaminants to accumulate. Consume between one and two garlic daily.


coriander for mercury detoxThis plant improves the immune system and helps remove mercury from the body. So, people who have amalgam or that have it recently removed, should included coriander in their diet for a mercury detox. It is also known to help remove aluminum and lead.

Zinc and Selenium

These two nutrients play an important role in improving the immune system. They are also an important part of the diet for male sexual organs, and is known to help the creation of enzymes fighting heavy metals in the blood. Foods rich in these minerals are brown rice , oats and peaches.

Fresh vegetables

There are a number of plants with nutritional and antioxidant properties that help detoxification. They do so by acting directly on heavy metals purifying their disposal routes. The following vegetables are particularly beneficial: broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

best brain supplements

From a plethora of brain supplements, online nutrition guides, and amphetamine salts, selecting the best brain supplement is a hard process for most students and professionals online.

When users search for brain supplements on any search engine, they usually end up with a number of irksome advertisements. Every supplement claims to be the best and how instant results can be observed. However, most of the drugs are illegal, unsafe, unfit for human consumption, costly, scams, or accompanied by more side-effects than benefits.

Limidax XR continues to receive awards and attention for being the number one choice among the best brain supplements for many students, professionals, and entrepreneurs across the country. We recommend learning more about Limidax XR.

Choosing the best brain supplement requires a basic understanding of the following:

The Need

Brain supplements can work on anyone. Individuals who would like to experience improvements in learning, retaining knowledge, and/or concentrating can benefit from using brain supplements.

Consumers are right to be concerned in their health, and especially when it comes to putting something into their bodies. As such, consumers have a right to safety and long-term health gains. In order to quench this need, user should look for credible, independent, third-party guarantees.

The Ingredients

Generally, consumers should go with the most natural brain supplements. However, that in itself, is not the best advice. Many brain supplements on the market claim to have the best, most natural ingredients. Thus, it is necessary to understand the importance of the major ingredients of a good brain supplement. Some of the most important ones are listed below:


One of the most important features of an effective brain supplement is its ability to improve the flow of blood into and out of the brain. And that’s where the compound known as Vinpocetine helps. A Vinpocetine-containing brain supplement enhances memory by improving the blood supply and is continued to be researched in clinical trials to help delay and prevent Alzheimer’s and other memory-harming diseases. In addition, Vinpocetine has clinical research that it may prevent blood clots and resulting brain strokes. The compound may also remove chronic fatigue and keep users mentally sharp and alert throughout the day. Users must also make sure that their brain supplement has the right amount of Vinpocetine to make a difference, as dosage is important.

Synephrine Caprylate

Consumers have frequently relied on alternative naturally-occurring compounds to improve physical and mental performance without any side-effects. Popularly known as “Bitter Orange,” the Caprylate reacts with the blood stream and increases the overall metabolism rate and energy levels of its users. At a psychological level, the effects of caffeine and bitter orange are similar – both act as stimulants and keep the mind sharp. While the former produces temporary effects, the latter has lasting results.

Green Tea Extracts

The importance of green tea traces back to the Ancient China where it was popularly used for mental relaxation, memory improvement, weight loss and detoxification purposes. Modern brain supplements use green tea extracts to recreate the same impact on human health and well-being. This provides the user with an adequate dosage of caffeine to stimulate the human mind and improve learning power, without creating any unwanted side effects.

Phenylehtlyamine HCL

Abbreviated simply as PEA, this compound occurs naturally within the central nervous system of mammals and can best be described as a neuro-modulator. As a brain supplement, PEA reacts with the blood stream and helps release dopamine and norepinephrine. Both these hormones are actively involved in improving alertness, attention to detail and concentration span. PEA also helps in weight loss, combating memory loss and certain cardiovascular diseases.

In terms of all the essential ingredients, brand names such as Limidax XR offer the best solution. The Limidax brand is safe, Doctor Trusted, and independently guaranteed.

Brand Name

limidax-xrMost brain supplements on the market do not have independent reviews conducted, and many are not independently guaranteed. Many websites sell supplements that are neither licensed, nor approved by a health regulatory authority. When buying a new brain supplements, it is always a good idea to check reviews on the internet, and whether the supplements have real backing from independent reviewers. Never just take a company’s words or claims as evidence. Make sure they have links that show real independent guarantees.

Synthetic or Organic

Brain supplements are similar to health supplements and medications – they can either be natural (or herbal) or synthetic. The detriments of synthetic brain supplements are the same as those of synthetic healthcare products. Limidax XR, for instance, is entirely natural and is even vegetarian – making it edible for all users. It contains standardized, high quality extracts, and the right amount of the ingredients that we’ve listed above. We recommend that consumers looking for the best brain supplement learn more about Limidax XR. See one complete overview at Brainfication.org’s Limidax reviews.


This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

cholesterol-rich recipe

To lower high cholesterol levels and keep them in an appropriate measure, the first step is to follow a proper diet. Cholesterol is defined as a lipid, ie, a fatty substance found in all human body tissues. Blood has a high percentage of water, and as cholesterol is a fatty substance, it can not travel through the bloodstream by itself (since fat and water do not mix). So in order to reach all body cells, cholesterol molecules are transported through the bloodstream by adhering to proteins called lipoproteins.

Types of cholesterol

– Serum cholesterol: this type of cholesterol circulating in the blood constantly. It is measured in routine blood tests. It is composed of HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.
– Dietary cholesterol: it is consumed through food, mainly in animal products.

Foods high in cholesterol

high cholesterol food eggs bacon– Butter
– Ice cream
– Cheese
– Egg yolk
– Seafood
– Organ meat (liver, heart, kidney)
– Red meat and sausage

A more detailed article on high cholesterol foods is available on cholesterolmenu.com.
It is convenient to limit or avoid eating these foods especially if you have been diagnosed with high levels of blood cholesterol.

How the body need cholesterol?

There is no specific amount of cholesterol to the body, however, it is considered that this is different for each person so it requires a study called “lipid profile” to determine. If a person consumes large amounts of cholesterol in his daily diet, the liver decreases production without stopping it completely, resulting in high levels of serum cholesterol. There are people who naturally produce excess cholesterol in their body, even when they limit and control their diet.

If a person has high cholesterol, he is at risk of premature death from a heart attack or a stroke. It is important that all people to go to doctor regularly so they know their cholesterol levels. Patients with levels that are off the healthy ranges must follow a special diet to lower cholesterol.

Tips for lowering cholesterol

– Regularly measure your cholesterol levels.
– Limit foods high in cholesterol to less than 300 mg daily.
– Cut down on fat, especially saturated found mainly in animal products.
– Try out a diet rich in vitamin C, niacin (vitamin B), vitamin E and essential omega-3, which can cover with 3-5 servings of vegetables and fruit a day.
– Try cooking with low-fat methods such as steam oven, grill; also boil foods instead of frying.
– Increase your intake of fish such as salmon and cod, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can balance and even reduce cholesterol levels.
– Replace meat with legumes (lentils and beans). It is recommended to accompany with brown rice and other whole grains.
– Replace whole milk with skim or having only 1% fat. This rule also goes for yogurt, cheese and other dairy products.
– Use mustard or low-fat salad dressings and mayonnaise.
– Take adequate amounts of water each day.
– Avoid increased activity of the liver due to the impact of excess stress (liver must work harder to process excess adrenaline), the faster it works, the more it produces cholesterol.
– Eat low-fat desserts.
– Exercise to help reduce cholesterol levels, burn calories, maintain ideal weight, reduce blood pressure and stress.
General recommendations for a diet without cholesterol, are equally useful for anyone wishing to start a healthy diet even if your cholesterol levels are normal.

What does Mirena IUD look like

For every women, it is quite tricky to decide upon the appropriate contraceptive method to use as there are many factors to consider such as the cost, the usage mode, the duration of use of the contraception and more importantly the possible adverse reactions. Amongst the wide range of available methods, from devices to pills, Mirena, a FDA approved IUD (intra-uterine device) is one of the most popular method, considered “safe” for long term use and adopted in at least 25 countries worldwide. We quote “safe” because many women have experienced diverse moderate to serious side effects during the use and more commonly after the mirena IUD removal.

What are some of the reported side effects

– During the usage of Mirena

Like with every contraceptive method based on hormones, women that use mirena can be subjected to disturbing adverse effects because of the hormones emitted by the device while inside the uterus. Some of these mirena side effects are severe pelvis pain, intense menstrual cramping, abnormal menstruation, inter-menstrual bleeding, breakthrough bleeding (BTB), changes in menstrual flow. Also, there are some complications that can occur although they are not frequent: ectopic pregnancy, fertility impairment, ovarian cyst due to contamination of device during its insertion, uterine damage due to perforation.

– After the removal of Mirena

As this UID works by supplying the body with synthetic progestin, when the device is removed, an abrupt decline in progestin occurs. As, the natural production of progesterone was impacted for a long period, the body will not have enough to counter the dominant estrogen effects. This hormonal imbalance will likely trigger disturbing symptoms such as weight gain, premenstrual tension, irregular glucose levels, insulin resistance, oedema, bloating, mastalgia or breast pain, brain fog, depressive disorders, and swift changes in moods, sleep disorders, low libido, premenstrual syndrome. Additional information about the side effects can be found on http://detoxscientific.com/mirena-weight-gain/.
As the list of adverse reactions is sadly long, it is crucial to help the body restore its hormonal balance. Fortunately, there is an all-natural way to achieve it without having to take medications that will eventually bring about additional disorders.

An overview of the Mirena Detox Program

healthy womenThe mirena detox program works by re-equilibrating estrogen and progesterone levels by in a first step normalize estrogen levels by clearing the excess out of the body through the intake of certain foods and nutrients , and in a second step stimulating the production of progesterone, again through foods and organic supplements. This program is thus completely natural and safe.

1- Normalizing estrogen levels

The estrogen detoxification can be achieve via the intake of foods and nutrients that have the properties of removing toxins from the body. Some of these foods are citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, mandarine and tangerine, Vitamin C-rich berries for instance Goji berries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. Goji berries even feature metylation agents that have the properties of restoring hormonal balance. Another efficient estrogen detoxing nutrient is Indole-3-carbinol (I3C) found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, radish and Brussels sprouts.

2- Increasing progesterone levels

As cholesterol plays an important role in the production of progesterone, supplying the body dietary cholesterol via good sources such as omega-3 rich fish and coconut oil will be beneficial. Other progesterone precursors to feed on are: royal jelly, chaste berry, goji berry, turmeric, kelp, oregano, red clover, thyme and healthy protein sources like hemp and brown rice.

This is just an overview of the program. For the complete step-by-step guide, check out the mirena detox now for a total restoration of your hormonal balance and overall health.