Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the root cause of the majority cervical cancer cases. Experts believe that a diet rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids and folate helps the body fight infection and prevent HPV infection cells become cancerous cervical lesions.

A study published in the magazine Cancer Research found that women whose blood tests showed high levels of some chemical compounds indicative of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, were able to eliminate HPV infections faster than their peers.

Foods that reduce the risk of cervical cancer

Foods containing flavonoids

Apples, asparagus, broccoli, black beans, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, spinach, blueberries.

Foods rich in folic acid

Avocados, chickpeas, lentils, orange juice, romaine lettuce, strawberries.

Green tea

The powerful antioxidants in green tea helps the body fight the HPV virus, which is the common cause of cancer of the cervix. These antioxidants also prevent normal cells from becoming cancerous. 5 cups of green tea a day are recommended to obtain their benefits.

Fortified cereals

Eating cereals fortified with folic acid at breakfast time, helps strengthen the body against cervical infections and HPV virus. Other recommended folic acid foods include asparagus, oranges and spinach.


In a recent study, it was found that a compound known as DIM, which is produced by the body after consuming cabbage, makes cancer cells and cervical cells infected with the HPV virus self-destruct! In addition, this compound also strengthens the immune system. For best results use cabbage, broccoli and raw or lightly steamed cauliflower.

Other tips

– Get a Pap test annually or as recommended by your doctor
– Vaccination against HPV
– No smoking
– Have intimate relationships with one partner.


Strawberries reduce the risk of female cancers. Results of recent studies say that strawberries could protect women against cervical cancer and breast cancer. According to these scientific studies, strawberries contain compounds that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
Besides strawberries are high in ellagic acid, a substance that kills cancer cells without affecting healthy cells. To receive the benefits of strawberries, we recommend eating a daily cup. For best results also includes blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and other berries in your diet.

In addition, strawberries also protect against heart disease, help fight inflammation and protect neurons.

Tip: Choose strawberries that are redder because once cut from the plant, strawberries do not ripen further.

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