Boosting your metabolism requires the burning of more calories. Those trying to lose or maintain weight know that a fast metabolism burns more calories, and calories are the body’s fuel. The efficiency of your metabolism has to do with genetics to a great degree; however there are ways to get it to work more efficiently through proper diet and lifestyle changes.

Feed on healthy snacks

Snacking on the proper foods can help boost your metabolism. You don’t want to cut too many calories; however, as that will trigger a response that causes your body to go into starvation mode. When this happens the body stores fat and in turn your metabolism slows down. Thus it is better if you eat small portions of certain metabolism boosting foods, including nuts, grapes, melons and carrots.

Add spices to your diet

cayenne pepper increase metabolismLook to spices and herbs as well to increase your metabolism. Spices offer certain health benefits, but also serve to help your body burn fat, making it body feel full longer. Spicy foods such as cayenne pepper also make your metabolism function more efficiently. The active ingredient in cayenne is capsaicin. It stimulates body heat. Such spices as black and white pepper, ginger and garlic have a similar effect. A nice fresh ginger root is most effective. Additional herbs such as mint, basil, and coriander have been used in Ayurvedic medicines for years.

Eat smaller meals more often

Most dieters try to eat less in order to lose weight. But there is a happy medium here. Eating too little food can actually make it more difficult to lose weight especially after 40 years old. So never think of a diet as simply eating less; it’s eating the right combinations of foods that will help you lost weight in the end. Every time you eat anything, your metabolism kicks in. The key is eating healthy foods daily. Eating every two-three hours will help keep your metabolism running efficiently.

Concentrate on proteins

This, of course, only works if you are eating the right foods. One way guaranteed to boost your metabolism is to monitor your protein intake. Proteins are more difficult to break down without more energy. It has a higher thermogenic effect than either carbs or fats. Protein should account for ten to thirty-five percent of your total daily calorie intake. Some of your high-protein diets get 40% of their calories from protein. Try to limit your protein intake to those from leaner sources. Some foods that offer a healthy metabolism boost are baked chicken or fish, beans, eggs, lean pork, tofu and nuts.

The metabolism-boosting tips above will help you to naturally lose weight with exercising. More great tips for natural weight loss can be found on

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