In the past decade, college students have been turning, in ever-increasing droves, to pharmaceutical stimulants for an increased edge. Researchers now estimate that roughly 30% of college students have tried or continue to take pharmaceutical stimulants without a prescription. Sometimes college students need a little edge in order to meet the increasing pressure and competition. Certainly, the desire to enhance the productivity and efficiency of a person makes logical sense.

The problem isn’t that college students are trying to increase their alertness, focus, and concentration. The trouble is that many are abusing prescription stimulants without the guidance of a doctor. The prescription drugs are highly addictive (Scheduled in the same class as street Speed), have contraindications (harmful when taken in combination with certain other things), and with off-label use may lead to a range of diverse and dangerous side effects.

limidax supplementsLimidax is a dietary supplement (or herbal supplement) that provides the cognitive enhancement that students are looking for, without the dangerous side-effects. Limidax is marketed as a cerebral enhancer that boosts brain function, sustains brain power, and increases focus.

The Doctor Trusted Limidax website lists all the ingredients and clinical research conducted to insure complete transparency. Some college students who have stopped illegally abusing Adderall after starting the Limidax regimen are now referring to the focus pill as the “herbal adderall”. Limidax XR is made up of ten all-natural ingredients to help support the user’s concentration, focus, and memory. Limidax XR is also the only study-aid supplement that has invested in and utilizes micro-encapsulation for an extended release of key ingredients. The effects from the study pill can be felt 30 minutes within taking the capsules, and lasts 6 to 8 hours.

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